2nd International Conference on
Tourism & Hospitality Management 2015

"Current & Future Trends in globalized world"
02-03 November, 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Conference Theme : "Current & Future Trends in globalised world"

Welcome to the website of the Second International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Management (ICTHM 2015).The overall objective of the conference is to provide an interactive forum for academics and professionals to meet and exchange new research and ideas in an informal and interdisciplinary setting.

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the Travel and Tourism industry is currently among the largest and fastest-growing industries worldwide, forecasted to support 328 million jobs, or 10% of the workforce, by 2022. The Tourism industry is now more of a science than an art. This will include digital marketing, social media marketing, revenue management, distribution channel management and mobile web marketing.

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Millennials will become the core customer within the hospitality and travel industries over the next five to ten years. The majority of airlines, hotels and travel companies will benefit from this sector as they enter into their peak earning, spending and travel years. Within this group of GenY travelers, there are many different markets considering the fact that exploration, interaction and experience are the major focus of Millennials. Willing to pay more for a greater experience, "foodies" are a prevalent subset of this market; looking for an overall gourmet experience for a reasonable price will cause the industry to revamp their lobby bars, restaurants and food service. Internet bloggers, culture buffs, LGBT and Multi-generational travelers all looking for a unique, novel experience will command change within the market.

ICTHM 2015 is now accepting abstracts in any area related to tourism and hospitality, and we welcome critical and interdisciplinary papers on topics such as: the international tourism industries, eco-tourism and different topics in tourism including space tourism, theories of tourism, tourism and the environment, tourism and risk, travel industries, tourism and globalization, sports studies, tourism and the life-course and papers.

Prabhath Patabendi
Convener ICTHM 2015