2nd International Conference on
Tourism & Hospitality Management 2015

"Current & Future Trends in globalized world"
02-03 November, 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Submit your paper to : cheerslanka

All manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft WORD (.doc) format, single spaced with 12 font and one inch margins.

Please follow the following order when preparing your paper.

1. Word limit: (07 pages)

Articles submitted should be below 7 pages. This includes footnotes and endnotes, all figures, tables, and references.

1) The Title

2) An Abstract:

This is an informative one-paragraph text of not more than 225 words must accompany each manuscript (see Keywords also below).

3) Keywords:

Include three to five words or short phrases, relevant to the article, that do not appear in the title or running head. These should be included on the same page as the abstract.

(4) Introduction:

This is a brief overview of the scope and relevance of the paper, especially with regard to previous advancements in related fields.

5) Materials and Methods:

This is sometimes called "Experimental Procedures". You should describe techniques, cell/animal models used, and lists of reagents, chemicals, and equipment, as well as the names of manufacturers and suppliers, so that your study can be most easily replicated by others.

6) Results:

Provide the data and results as well as the particular statistical significance of the data if applicable..

7) Discussion:

This is sometimes combined with the results in a section called "Results and Discussion". Explain your interpretation of the data, especially compared with previously published material cited in the References.

8) References:

Authors are responsible for accuracy of citations. References must be limited to directly pertinent published works or papers that have been accepted for publication. An abstract, properly identified as "Abstract", may be cited only when it is the sole source.

References should be double-spaced, arranged alphabetically by author, and numbered serially. The reference number should be placed in parentheses at the appropriate place in the text. Please list all authors in the reference section.

Journal Article Example:

Hastie GD, Rosen DAS, Trites AW. Reductions in oxygen consumption during dives and estimated submergence limitations of Stellar sea lions (Eumetopiasjubatus) Marine Mammal Science; 23:272-286. 2007.

Book Reference Example:

9) Figure Legends:

Figure legends must be included for every figure and table presented in the manuscript. Descriptions should be succinct and must not be a duplication of what is stated in the body of the manuscript.

10) Figures and Tables:

Figures and tables should be used to present and summarize data or concepts that cannot be easily described using text in the body of the manuscript.

The acceptable formats for all figues are TIFF or PDF, MS Office files (Word, Powerpoint, Excel).

Review Process:

The submission will be reviewed by the Scientific committee .A final decision on any submission will be made and communicated to the corresponding author within 3 weeks of the date of submission.

Submission of manuscripts

Authors submitting reports do so understanding that the work has not been previously published, is not being considered for publication elsewhere, and has been read and approved by all authors identified. Submission of a manuscript means that the authors automatically agree to assign exclusive copyright to the conference organizers. It will not be held responsible for opinions or statements expressed by its authors.

Submit your paper to : cheerslanka